Side loaders for refuse collection vehicles

Refuse collection vehicles combined with Keox side loaders allow you to sort waste cost-efficiently with a single truck. The side loader is installed between the rear loader and the cabin.

The Finnish Waste Act requires housing companies to sort their waste. Different municipalities have different regulations on sorting waste, but all housing companies are obligated to join the municipal waste management system. With several side loader units installed in addition to a compactor allows you to collect 2–4 types of waste at a time, which will save you both equipment and fuel costs. Side loader can also be divided into two separate compartments.


  • For bio waste, recyclable glass, recyclable metal and recyclable paper
  • Unloading on the side of the chassis
  • Side loader intermediate tank is installed between the rear loader and the cabin
  • Multiple units can be installed on the same chassis
  • Can be installed on a Euro6 chassis or a gas-powered chassis without need for renovating the chassis
  • Can be installed in a demountable form
  • Width 950–1,750 mm
  • Capacity 3–7 m³
  • Suitable waste bins are sized 60–660 litres and in accordance with the EN 840-1 and EN 840-2 standards
  • Sideloader is quick and easy to use
  • Can be outfitted with a weighing system
  • Reliable, fully mechanical lift with no moving cables or hoses
  • Control system with a CAN bus and a cabin display
  • Waste bin counter
  • CE approved